About Vartzokas Architects

Vartzokas Architect first office in 1980.


Tom Vartzokas began trading as Vartzokas Architects in March of 1980 as a sole practitioner, opening the first office in Hyde Park SA. Early projects included housing renovations and single and multiple dwellings.

The practice grew and became more involved in the construction process of small domestic projects. This level of involvement provided the early understanding that good design and practical solutions can be achieved without high costs.

During the 1990's and into 2000, the practice worked on larger residential projects, small commercial developments, aged care facilities, and emergency services buildings.  Since 2000 the practice has undertaken, and completed a number of high density mid-rise residential
apartment developments.




Vartzokas Architects current office.


For over 38 years Vartzokas Architects have been plying the art of producing architectural design solutions that respond to their client's needs.

Whilst the practice of Architecture is a collaborative process between architect and client, we regard ourselves as the "conduit" through which the client designs his/her building. We provide the expertise of planning, structural systems, material choices, environmental considerations, etc., to ensure that informed choices are made throughout the design process and to ensure that the built solution satisfies the client's spatial and environmental needs.

We also believe that good design should always be cost effective; -we do not let ego get in the way of efficiency and cost effectiveness. At Vartzokas Architects we recognize, that as professional, experienced designers, we have a duty of care to always consider the alternative to every design item, and to arrive at the most appropriate solution on every occasion.

We value the role of our external consultants and place great emphasis in developing the team approach for every project.

We believe we can only provide the best service, and be true to ourselves, by adopting a positive client-centric attitude to our dealings with all our clients.


Quality Assured Practice

Vartzokas Architects Pty.Ltd. is a Quality Assured practice, endorsed by Integrated Safety Quality Environment (ISQE) to Department of Transport Energy and Infrastructure (DPTI) 2015 Quality Assurance criteria for pre-qualification as a Primary Consultant (PSC Catergory 3)

Scope of Services: - Advice, Planning, Design, Documentation and Contract Administration for Architectural Projects.

ISQE Registration Number: 1433