How we work


The "Sketch Design process" represents the first stage of our architectural design service.

Upon receiving the client brief, we begin the process of researching the relevant statutory requirements (planning and building), we consider the environmental influences on the site and we begin the initial conceptual schematics that develop into the sketch proposals.

In keeping with our ethos that we are the "conduit” via which the client designs their building, we begin the cyclic collaborative process of sketch design presentation-feedback from client, sketch design presentation and so on. This cyclic process continues, and repeat as many times as necessary.

We use the latest computer generated programs to fully articulate all our design ideas and proposal in a format that is clear, precise and easily comprehended.

Once the final sketch design is approved, the application is usually prepared for lodgement for Provisional Development Consent (PDC).



The Documentation stage of the Architectural process is important in ensuring that accurate, and professional drawings and specifications are produced that express the true intent of the client and the Architect.

At Vartzokas Architects we maintain the latest versions of AutoCAD to assist us to produce accurate documents.

Whilst the technology is the means via which we arrive at the final product, we recognise that the human input plays a bigger role in ensuring that every contingency is consider, every design item is carefully documented and all aspects of the project are covered.

In keeping with our ethos that good design is efficient design, we ensure that construction details are well considered, and that we produce the very best possible solution. We instil this philosophy in our external consultants that form the collaborative team that contribute to the total documentation package.





The Tender stage is a very important part of the Project Delivery process.

We attend to:

  • The calling of Registrations of Interest (ROI)
  • Attendance on tenderers during the the tendering process
  • The assessment of tenders
  • Contract negotiations.

In the determination of the tender list, Vartzokas Architects undertake a thorough due-diligence process to assess the suitability of building contractors to the project being tendered;- small residential builders for small personal residential renovations through to medium size commercial contractors for mid-high rise apartment developments.

We have the experience to expertly handle the tender process and to ensure that the final offer represents the best possible outcome for the project.



 Contract Administration

"Contract administration" stage is arguably the most important part of the project delivery process. Innovative design, good documentation and skillfull negotiation are only effective if the contruction phase is professionally managed.

At Vartzokas Architects:

  • We have over 35 years of on-site experience, in the management of the construction process.
  • We bring this expertise together with our Quality Assured status to all our projects.
  • We take pride in our reputation of maintining a "tight" control on project variation costs.
  • Our Contract Administration service is fair and unbiased, ensuring that both our client's and the contractor's interests are equally considered.