Cityedge Apartments

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Cityedge is a proposed four-storey apartment building that maximises the locational advantages of a city fringe site. The development includes a total of 39 apartments with the majority afforded views of the Reserve.

Private staircases to four of the first floor apartments provide residents with direct access to the Reserve. The staircases together with the use of full height glass facades to the lobbies that reveal the activity within helps to dissolve barriers that exist between building and public domain. Extensive balconies as well as step backs which allow for more corner windows to the apartments are utilized to draw activity towards the face of the building. These features also help in breaking down the mass of the wall plane and create pockets of interest and visual variety rather than a single building mass.

The external architectural treatment strives to create personalized identity to each apartment while still maintaining an overall cohesion. This is achieved by articulating the building with a juxtaposition of different materials with varying visual textures which are color coordinated to provide consistency.