Merchant Apartments

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The “Merchant Apartments” building on Gibson Street, Bowden responds to the site control plan for Lot 213, in its form, scale and building configuration.

The building design responds to the micro-climatic site conditions of sunlight, and skylight and with the inclusion of the open courtyard adjacent to its neighbouring site is afforded natural ventilation throughout the building and into the living areas of the apartments.

The streetscape visual is one of simple lines with face brickwork at the lower level and main feature wall to provide a strong visual base. The upper levels of the building’s exterior also rely on simple lines and interplay of solid to void areas.

The building visual is essentially that of a horizontal building with some subtle vertical elements to provide accent and variety. The vertical elements of the entry facades are designed to provide a vertical relief from the horizontal and to define the public entrance to the building. Other vertical elements are also provided at higher levels of the facade.