VR Group Hotel & Apartments

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The south end of the development houses the 42 Hotel apartments, configured in a dual key arrangement which affords the operator maximum flexibility. The northern end of the building houses the 28 Residential Apartments. Each part of the building is capable of existing separately.

The feature Brick colonnade and band of the lower level of the building serves to unify the two parts of the building. It anchors the built form and contextually respects the height of the adjoining residential zone.

The use of full height glass facades to the lobbies and corner of building that reveals the activity within helps to dissolve barriers that exist between building and public domain. Balconies, as well as setbacks which allows for windows are utilized to draw activity towards the face of the building. These features also help in breaking down the mass of the wall plane and create pockets of interest and visual variety rather than a single building mass.

There is a prominent stepping down along the Da Costa street elevation to provide context to the building and its adjoining low-rise residential zone.