Lot 163 Apartments

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The built form response for the Lot 163 Bowden Apartments is based on an acknowledgement and respect for the adjoining building to the east, the prevalent site conditions, and the site control plan, including the set back to Park terrace to accommodate the potential swing and sag of the high voltage power lines.

Access to the site is very much in keeping with the site control plan. Pedestrian access is proposed via the main foyer access on Sixth street and secondary minor access from Leighton Lane, whilst vehicular access is proposed via Leighton Lane.

Access via the elevator servicing the foyer access on Sixth street opens at all levels on the central atrium space which provides access to all apartments on all levels. The proposal provides for 1 apartment on the ground floor and a further five upper levels of 6 apartments per floor, providing a total of 31 apartments.